What it Takes to Go from War-Torn Iran to Successful Entrepreneur in America

Those who know business statistics know how difficult it can be to have a thriving business in America. While many businesses open each year, just as many close up, and the five-year survival rate for a new business is only around 50%, according to the Small Business Administration. Add to that being an immigrant from a war-torn country in the Middle East, and it may seem like “successful American entrepreneur” is a far-fetched dream. Yet there are business success stories that inspire and motivate others, such as Alex Dastmalchi’s story. As a successful California-based serial entrepreneur today, he began from humble roots in war-torn Iran.

“I know that I have come a long way, but the one thing that always remains is my gratitude for everything that I have,” explains Alex Dastmalchi, chief operating officer of the Dastmalchi company. “Gratitude has a lot to do with how successful someone will be in business. Being grateful is the best way to bring about more success for yourself and those around you.”

Alex Dastmalchi may be one to focus on gratitude, but there are other factors at stake that have helped him become the success that he is. Growing up in Iran, he came from a family of educators, and as a teen he knew he wanted to leave the country for more stable and opportunistic means. Leaving for Austria at the age of 16, he began working hard, moved to America a year later, and hasn’t stopped having that strong work ethic ever since. Alex now owns Dastmalchi, a company with a successful portfolio of lifestyle, beauty, and health brands sold globally.

In addition to focusing on the power of gratitude, some of the other things that have helped to lead Alex Dastmalchi down the path to serial entrepreneurial success include:

  • Not being pigeonholed. In fact, his motto is that he created his own box, rather than having to fit into someone else’s.
  • Having the right mindset for growth and success. He believes that everything is possible and that you should not have self-limiting thoughts. Focus on believing in yourself and what it is that you want to accomplish.
  • Giving back to others. Being a supporter of charity, he serves as the volunteer vice chair for a charity that is dear to his heart, Corazon de Vida Foundation, which focuses on ending the cycle of poverty in children in Baja, Mexico. Having a mindset that giving back, paying it forward, and helping others is something everyone should do has helped propel Alex Dastmalchi ahead of the pack.
  • By sharing with others he helps others to also achieve success. Alex Dastmalchi shares his knowledge by coaching a small number of young and motivated individuals that are either building their own start-up businesses, or contemplating starting one. He currently works with one that is a junior at the University of Michigan, another at the University of Alabama, and with a team at the USC Marshal School of Business Incubator Program, as well as a few others. He doesn’t charge a fee for his coaching services, nor does he participate in their companies as an equity holder, he simply is sharing the knowledge he has learned along his journey.
  • Solving problems in the marketplace. If you can identify what it is that people are missing or need, you can focus on it, provide it to them, and have success.
  • Having an eye for being able to source products well, so that consumers are able to get the most desirable options.
  • Empowering your staff. Many people fear delegating and giving their staff power, but when you believe in and trust them, good things will follow.
  • Focusing on giving the world something positive. Alex Dastmalchi believes in infusing the world with positive intent, and all the products and services provided by his various professional ventures align with that highly personal mission.
  • Having good business sense. While he knows exactly how to run his own business, he is also great at working with other business leaders to help them with their product and marketing needs. By helping others become successful, he in turn rises to the top.
  • Staying the course and following your vision. Know your end goal and stay on course. Planning is a key factor in success. Alex Dastmalchi takes pride in involving his brilliant team and creates a comprehensive plan before starting anything. The more you plan, the higher likelihood of success.
  • He believes that business success is a team effort and that his company would not be where it is today without his team. He considers them to be truly the best of the best. Having the right people on the bus and making sure that they are in the right seat, is another reason for their continued success. They look for and acquire the best talents to join the team and then give them the right tools to succeed.

“I am proud my hard work and perseverance in the business world is paying off and my biggest success is my son,” added Dastmalchi. “By placing my focus on my family and helping others to be more successful, it has brought great things my way. Having a healthy balance and prioritizing what is important in life is the key. True success is when you maintain a balanced life: physical health, emotional health, family, work and community. I believe that they are all equally important. If one or more are neglected, you are not able to optimize your performance.”

Dastmalchi’s corporation distributes products worldwide. His team works carefully with each company to determine their packaging, branding, sourcing, and marketing strategy. Some of the brands in the portfolio include Vanity PlanetBradford Watch Co., DazzleproVitagoodsKove, I Cook By Color, and the recently acquired Gretchen Christine lifestyle brands from celebrity designer Gretchen Rossi. For more information on the company, visit: http://dastmalchi.com.

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Seven Secrets to eCommerce Success

It wasn’t too long ago that participating, let alone competing, in the global marketplace was incredibly tough for most businesses. Why? Lack of access, particularly for anyone but Fortune 500’s.

In fact, even just 10 years ago, gaining access to the online market was pretty prohibitive for smaller business owners, so competition remained incredibly stiff. Just ask Alex Dastmalchi. Motivated by a vision to help improve people’s health and wellness, the entrepreneur launched Dastmalchi, LLC, which since 2010 has become a go-to ecommerce leader for a variety of high-quality beauty, lifestyle and fashion accessory products. Yet Dastmalchi’s brands aren’t your run-of-the-mill sort of value-based goods. They solve problems or address challenges people face in everyday life, at price points many can afford.

“For example, take the electric toothbrush,” Dastmalchi says. “Anyone can buy a decent one that will clean your teeth, but we explore ways to make ours design-focused, unique, address challenges for the user, and still keep it affordable because of how we leverage our resources and the ecommerce platform.”

A private company, Dastmalchi LLC sells direct to consumers, has inventory in seven warehouses globally, drop-ships on behalf of Target and Amazon, and does business for customers within 100+ countries monthly.

A testimony that ecommerce has become not just possible but profitable for organizations other than Fortune 500’s, Dastmalchi shares some of his best ecommerce business secrets here:

1. Remove self-limiting thoughts

There’s a lot of traffic on the information highway, but to experience it, you’ve got to get out there and drive. This requires addressing internal barriers that can act as roadblocks or, worse, prevent you from getting behind the wheel and pursuing your journey in the first place.

“Sometimes people get into this and think they’ll only be able to make $10,000 in sales a year as opposed to $100,000 or $1 million,” Dastmalchi says. “This kind of thinking is limited. Truth is, you can do whatever you want. The question is, what is it that you truly want? Set your sights on that, and make that one of your ecommerce goals.”

2. Plan, plan, plan

For any business, there’s great wisdom in the saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” But ecommerce companies frequently spring up online and launch a product without a solid plan, clear, measurable goals, a system for accountability, and other tools that empower and sustain their success.

“Planning helps you identify where you want to go and the resources you’ll need to get you there,” Dastmalchi says. “Keeping the plan up to date is also essential—it’s a responsibility that requires focus, discipline, willpower and commitment.”

3. Make change your friend

As with anything technology-related, everything about commerce evolves so quickly that if you’re not on top of your game—or two steps ahead it—you’ll quickly become obsolete. That said, in spite of having some of the best-laid plans, you may have to switch directions due to unexpected events, such as a sudden shortage in resources, rapid changes in shopping trends, technology shifts, etc. The most resilient are those who know change is inevitable, embrace it and learn and grow from it.

“In the ecommerce world,” Dastmalchi says, “complacency and stagnation are not your friend.”

 4. Pick your partners wisely

Who you surround yourself with matters, even behind a computer screen. From the people you hire to work with you in the office to the companies across the country or overseas supplying materials, you’ve got to have the right people and entities on board, in the roles they perform best.

“It can take time to acquire these partners but having a solid team, one you can trust, is vital,” Dastmalchi says. “Every piece of your commerce business should be solid from the standpoint of your talent and the partners you choose. Be patient and keep working to get the partners who are best in class.”

5. Let your people do their job

Once you’ve got the right partners (or people on your team), give them the freedom to do what they do best. This will help prevent the common leadership tendency to micromanage, a pitfall that can undermine the power and potential of these assets.

“No one working for any company wants a micro-manager as a leader,” Dastmalchi says. “It’s not a good use of their time–or yours.”

6. Invest in your marketing

You can have one of the greatest products on earth and all kinds of infrastructure to support it, but if the marketing isn’t any good, it will struggle in sales. Do the research to find the best marketing resources you can afford, keeping in mind the support you hire doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

“The beauty of our global world is that perfectly good resources can be found at perfectly reasonable prices,” Dastmalchi says.

7. Respond to feedback—quickly!

We’re all familiar with online reviews—most of us have written a review of one kind or another. Whether a product or service is getting one star or five, it’s important to track the data, respond and take action when complaints or problems surface.

“We take our reviews very seriously and use the feedback to make improvements,” Dastmalchi says. “Four stars is the benchmark for us—anything less than that, it’s a sign swift action must be taken either to fix the issues to enhance the product, or to pull it off of your inventory.

Of course, don’t forget to capitalize on that exceptional marketing you’ve got. Make sure to let your customers know about the improvements you’ve made, circling back to the messaging of how you’re making life better in some way.

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Why Business Needs to Upgrade from its Bottom Line

You don’t get to choose into which zip code you’re born. From the start, some people find themselves positioned in a world of privilege or comfort, where basic needs always go met. Others practically come from the ashes, raised in poverty or war or abuse or injustice—or all of this. And while such great imbalance exists, this never makes it mundane or right. It makes it real, particularly if you’ve experienced it yourself. It can also provide the motivation to take positive action and lead change in our world.

After immigrating as a teenager to the United States from a war-torn Iran, I worked night and day to earn two keys to success. The first: my U.S. citizenship. The second: a resumé packed with job experiences that taught me powerful business and leadership lessons.

Both keys helped open a door of learning that empowered my journey in building the corporation I run today—Dastmalchi, LLC. Dedicated to bringing new brands and quality products to the global marketplace, my team and I have discovered that our business works best when we keep a razor-sharp focus on customers’ needs. Whatever we do and in whatever online platform we operate, we ensure it makes people’s lives better—that’s our definition of business excellence.

That said, at one point in my entrepreneurial experience, I realized this altruistic business mission wasn’t enough. Something was missing, and it had to do with giving. Specifically, giving back.

For some time, a friend had been inviting me to join him and a group of volunteers who were regularly visiting Corazón de Vida, an orphanage in Baja California, Mexico. Truth be told, I had been interested but hesitant to go. It felt uncomfortable, even frightening in terms of what I might witness and feel. But noticing a void in my life—a lack of giving going on—I suddenly decided to go. And when I did, what I discovered broke my heart. I saw hundreds of children who lacked so much in terms of basic needs, love, and fun, and this window into their world changed my life forever. I knew I could give something and made the decision to do so.


If you’re a leader or “serial entrepreneur” like me, finding a way and the time to give back can feel like an impossible challenge. But it’s got to be a challenge of sorts if it’s truly going to feel like real giving. And selfishly, when it’s really giving, it feels real, really good…and I love it.

No doubt, the innovative brands tied to my name—Alex Dastmalchi—matter to me. But giving back matters more. So when you work hard and are blessed with success, share your resources…whether treasure, talent, time or all of these. It is simply the right thing to do.

Here are a few pointers, lessons that helped me get beyond the business’s bottom line to connect with, create and give back to the world:

  • Face your fears. No one except you can get beyond the personal roadblocks that may be preventing you from going outside your comfort zone and getting up close and personal with a problem you may not immediately know how to solve. Whether that’s helping feed an orphaned baby, designing systems that bring clean water to a remote village or partnering with the local food bank, it will likely trigger emotions that you’ll have to face and either manage or move beyond. This is ok, a part of the giving-back path you are on.
  • Do what you know. When you commit to help others, bring your proven talents and skills to the table. I’m particularly good with solving marketing challenges, business planning and pushing the envelope. I bring these skillsets to Corazón de Vida as my way of contributing. My hope is to use share my experience and help bring more awareness to this wonderful organization.
  • Focus on the goal. No doubt, at Corazón de Vida, money doesn’t buy happiness but does fund many basic needs and access to greater health, wellness, education and even joy. So fundraising has become a major goal, one all of us on the board have come to own. For example, we’ve identified a vital need to connect with community leaders and people of influence to empower the organization with critical resources and sustainable programs. Staying true to the goal and such supporting strategies is a big part of what’s now giving these orphaned children a sense of real hope. The takeaway? When you focus on and develop actions tied to that goal—no matter what the goal is—that’s when you’ll experience results. More importantly, that’s when miracles happen.

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Struggling to Empower Your Employees?

Award-winning Business Leader Alex Dastmalchi Shares the Tips That Taught Him the Most.

When Alex Dastmalchi launched his e-commerce business in Fall 2010, he wasn’t some kind of newbie entrepreneur. Since 1988, he had built a strong resume, which like that of many proven business leaders included a wide variety of experiences in business ownership and management. Today, Dastmalchi is the founder/CEO of Dastmalchi, LLC, an e-commerce company that specializes in creating and marketing a portfolio of lifestyle, health and beauty brand that put customers needs first.

But here’s the thing—this company has grown from a seedling of an idea to an operation that sells direct to consumers and now has inventory in five multiple countries, drop-ships on behalf of big names like Target and Amazon, and does business for customers within 100+ countries monthly.

Surprisingly, however, this is no massive corporation with hundreds of employees. Working behind the scenes is a small group of incredibly empowered people—some permanent in-house employees, some regularly outsourced, and some on contract as needed. It’s not uncommon for one of the 42 or so Dastmalchi, LLC team members to be working virtually from a few states or countries away.

“The best e-commerce leaders learn to maximize their resources in this way,” Dastmalchi says. “However, if you don’t know how to empower and manage people both in house and at a distance, you can really struggle with performance, innovation, production, service and goal achievement.”

Dastmalchi, who has received leadership awards and repeated recognition for his professional accomplishments, says he didn’t just come into business ownership knowing how to empower his people. He first became a student, hiring a long-established, highly esteemed leadership-coaching firm to provide proven wisdom in this area of expertise. This resource became invaluable, helping to show him the way and, importantly, hold him accountable to goal commitment and change. He also discovered something about empowerment from trial and error, as well as listening to other proven business owners he respected.

“One of the biggest lessons I learned was that you have to let go of ego, step aside, and let your people do their jobs,” Dastmalchi says. “This can be very tough for business owners who have a lot at stake and typically don’t like to surrender control in this way. For instance, when I first got going, I really had no idea how to manage financials. I thought I did and tried to do this for a number of years, thinking I had the skills and time to do it. But that was a mistake—I was making a mess of things. Finally, I hired a team who really had the skills and could do a way better job—much more quickly, too,” he says. “That doesn’t mean I don’t keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening financially, but I don’t do this team’s job.”

Dastmalchi had a similar experience when he and some of the other leaders in his company stopped trying to “meddle” in product development. They had an incredibly creative, knowledgeable product designer—he just needed to be allowed to do his work independently, supported with the right resources and the trust of the leadership.

“So this all was extremely beneficial in terms of the morale of our culture, our product development, and our ability to meet lofty goals we’d set,” Dastmalchi says. “That said, you’ve got to have the right hires—not just from the standpoint of their skills but how they fit into your culture. Using tools like the DISC personality assessment and others have been very important in helping me make solid hires and support them in their professional growth.”

Ultimately, Dastmalchi says that as a leader, you and all your people—whether they work for you full time or just occasionally—must feel engaged and empowered in what they do. This way, they’ll be better able to use their unique gifts and expertise to meet goals and deliver the results you need to succeed.

As Dastmalchi puts it: “That’s when business takes off…that’s when the magic happens!”

About Dastmalchi, LLC

Dastmalchi, LLC is based in Newport Beach, California and was started by serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Alex Dastmalchi. Raised in war-torn Iran, Dastmalchi moved as a teenager to America with a clear vision to become a United States citizen and successful business owner. Today, as both an American and award-winning business leader, Dastmalchi has achieved both dreams. He and his talented team have a proven track record for developing, success, marketing and distributing worldwide a diverse portfolio of health, beauty and lifestyle brands. For more information about the company, visit: http://dastmalchi.com.

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Tried and True Time Management Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

We all have the same 24 hours in each day, but for many people, numerous hours in each day are wasted. Rather than wishing for more hours in the day, as is commonly done, entrepreneurs can be more successful when they get serious about managing their time better. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average adult under the age of 65 watches 2.7 hours of television per day, demonstrating where some of our time is going each day. Being a successful entrepreneur takes focus, dedication, and the ability to manage one’s time effectively, yet not everyone knows what that looks like or how to make it happen.

“We all live on borrowed time. I think about time management and how to hack it on a regular basis,” explains serial entrepreneur Alex Dastmalchi, chief operating officer of the Dastmalchi company. “It is the most precious investment that I make and I’d like to get the best ROI that I can for every single minute I spend in my day.”

 If every entrepreneur got serious about what they will get in return for the way they are spending their time, they would begin to see areas that need improvement. Entrepreneurs need to prioritize and keep in mind what is important to them so they can manage their time accordingly. For Alex Dastmalchi, having a great work ethic and personal life balance is extremely important to him. If he doesn’t manage his time well, then the time he invests in his work can cut into his time with his family.

One of the mistakes that many entrepreneurs make is that they don’t manage their work time well, which gives them less time to spend with their family or doing other things they love. By making efficient time management a priority in his life, Alex Dastmalchi has been able to become a successful entrepreneur, as well as have the personal life with his family that is so important to him and many others.

Alex Dastmalchi offers these tried and true time management tips that every entrepreneur should know:

  • Meetings. Most meetings are a total waste of time and not necessary. Most meetings that are scheduled for 30 minutes could be cut down to 15. Collectively, that is a lot of time being put into a meeting when you add up all the time of everyone attending it. If you think that a meeting you have on your schedule is not necessary, don’t hesitate to cancel. You are not being polite by attending a meeting. Rather, you are in fact stealing time away from all others as well. Conference calls are much more efficient.
  • Avoid time thieves. We all know people who are time thieves. Be direct with them and let them know that they are wasting your time. If you don’t put an end to it the amount of time they steal from you will quickly add up over the year.
  • Emails. This is consistently the number one culprit for stressing people out and wasting valuable time. Use a few simple management hacks to manage it. These include telling everyone you will not take the time to read messages where you are in the CC field. If the message you are sending to someone doesn’t require a response, start your email by stating “no response required.” Refrain from using emails as a micro-management tool. You do not need to be involved in every conversation. Also, use tools such as SaneBox to help manage your emails.
  • Action items. Sending an email, making a call or meeting in person is inefficient unless you walk in and away with action items. Make sure that you always know what the next steps are for all parties involved that have due dates attached to them for follow up.
  • Change expectations. There is a fascinating concept called Parkinson’s Law, which states that we always expand our work to fill the time we have available to complete it. Keeping this in mind, set shorter deadlines. It is much better to miss a deadline every now and then rather than waste your valuable time.
  • Keep a list. Create a “not to do list.” This is where you can save a ton of time. Often, we spend our time on stuff that doesn’t pay any dividend at all.
  • Manage projects. Follow these simple steps to manage projects: eliminate, automate, delegate. First, look at what you can eliminate.  Next, determine what you can automate.  Finally, find as much as you can that you can delegate.
  • Value your time. If you can find someone to do a task for less than the value of your time, go for it. This is an excellent strategy that can help you do more and make more money. Some of the things that Alex Dastmalchi hires people to do include grocery shopping meal prep, and he routinely hires freelancers to work on projects.
  • Prioritize tasks. The Pareto Principle says that we spend 80% of our time on things that yield no more than 20% of the results. Prioritize all of your tasks, such as urgent, important, not important, and work accordingly.

“If entrepreneurs want to be successful and make a lot of money, they need to get greedy with their time,” added Dastmalchi. “I am very greedy with how much time I spend for almost everything I do. This allows me to be a successful entrepreneur, and have plenty of time to spend it with loved ones. It’s all about making the best use of our 24 hours each and every day.”

Dastmalchi is a successful serial entrepreneur in America whose roots started in war-torn Iran. His corporation distributes products worldwide that all lend valuable solutions to consumers. His team works carefully to determine their packaging, branding, sourcing, and marketing strategy. Some of the brands in the Dastmalchi portfolio include Vanity Planet, Bradford Watch Co., Dazzlepro, Vitagoods, Kove, I Cook By Color, and recently acquired Gretchen Christine lifestyle brands from celebrity designer Gretchen Rossi. For more information on the company, visit http://dastmalchi.com.

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Principal at Dastalmachi LLC

Business executive Alex Dastmalchi enjoys a successful career as an entrepreneur. He serves as the chief executive officer at Dastmalchi, LLC. Alex Dastmalchi also lends his business expertise to philanthropic efforts as a member of the board of advisors for Corazon de Vida.

During more than 25 years spent in industries ranging from construction and real estate to advertising, Mr. Dastmalchi has developed his leadership abilities. When he became involved with the national business coaching firm known as MAP (Management Action Programs), he further improved both his own approach to company management and that of his entire team. Recently, he received the 2012 MAP Presidential Award in recognition of his efforts.

Mr. Alex Dastmalchi earned an MBA in business from National University in California. He subsequently created several joint-advertising programs for attorneys and health professionals, including Right Dental Group, Mi Abogado, ChiroXchange, and HBL Centers. In addition to the joint advertising platforms, Dastmalchi, LLC. Recently launched VitaGoods and DazzlePro.

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California CEO embodies 21st Century Leadership

If there’s one thing that could be said about Alex Dastmalchi and his professional ventures, it’s that he doesn’t mess around — and that’s not just because he’s always dreamed of making what he calls a “considerable exit” when he does eventually retire. Rather, he’s perhaps one of the most driven entrepreneurs of our time, a passionate, proven leader who has tapped his die-hard work ethic to pursue promising grass-roots ideas and cultivated even seedlings of potential to the point of impressive profitability.

As the Founder/President/CEO of Dastmalchi, LLC, Dastmalchi leads an organization that’s built on a mission of service — helping others, improving lives, and making a difference for the better. How does that translate? Dastmalchi, LLC is a multi-faceted marketing and business enterprise that consistently rolls out high-quality, affordable health and lifestyle solutions through products and services that benefit the company’s clients and their customers.

For example, through a number of joint-advertising programs designed by Dastmalchi, LLC, participating advertisers/businesses enjoy a revolutionary marketing program that’s proven to build brand awareness and unbeatable ROI while customers benefit from extremely discounted rates for high-quality products and services. To date, this formula, designed to be a win-win for all involved, has inspired a number of platforms that Dastmalchi, LLC either currently holds or has since successfully sold. These include Mi Abogado, Right Dental Group, chiroXchange, and HBL centers, which operate for attorneys, dentists, chiropractors, and spas.

As well, Dastmalchi, LLC currently owns and manages VitaGoods, DazzlePro and a few other brands that actively research, develop, manufacture and sell thousands of health and lifestyle products. From its face and body exfoliators to blood pressure monitors, digital body analyzer scales, and even a suite of new app-driven products that make monitoring and tracking patients’ health conditions easy and advanced, every Dastmalchi, LLC deliverable is, in fact, helping others, improving lives, and making a difference for the better.

Looking forward, Dastmalchi is dedicated to further cultivating a number of present Dastmalchi, LLC plans that include goals and strategies for sustainable products and services. Not simply “green” or earth-friendly, every one of these innovations comes with a blueprint based on the concepts of reusability, reliability, permanence, ingenuity, integrity, convenience, quality, and, importantly, unmatched value. And expect everything his company does to come backed not just by a guarantee but by the entire team of Dastmalchi, LLC professionals who’ve adopted a sense of ownership and pride in ensuring that all that they do does, in fact, succeed. No surprise, they’re consistently meeting if not exceeding their goals, methodically supported and empowered by Dastmalchi, who for some time now has tapped the power of the nationally acclaimed leadership and management system offered by MAP (Management Action Programs) and one of MAP’s top business coaches, Lee Froschheiser.

With this proven system firmly in place, the right people running it, and its highly capable, deeply driven leadership, Dastmalchi, LLC is forever differentiating itself in the marketplace and joyfully enjoying the fruits of its labor: healthy growth, robust profitability, and, above all, the intangible reward that comes from sincerely being of service to others.

Media Contact:

Alex Dastmalchi Dastmalchi, LLC, (949) 385-5050, alex@dastmalchi.com

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