California CEO embodies 21st Century Leadership

If there’s one thing that could be said about Alex Dastmalchi and his professional ventures, it’s that he doesn’t mess around — and that’s not just because he’s always dreamed of making what he calls a “considerable exit” when he does eventually retire. Rather, he’s perhaps one of the most driven entrepreneurs of our time, a passionate, proven leader who has tapped his die-hard work ethic to pursue promising grass-roots ideas and cultivated even seedlings of potential to the point of impressive profitability.

As the Founder/President/CEO of Dastmalchi, LLC, Dastmalchi leads an organization that’s built on a mission of service — helping others, improving lives, and making a difference for the better. How does that translate? Dastmalchi, LLC is a multi-faceted marketing and business enterprise that consistently rolls out high-quality, affordable health and lifestyle solutions through products and services that benefit the company’s clients and their customers.

For example, through a number of joint-advertising programs designed by Dastmalchi, LLC, participating advertisers/businesses enjoy a revolutionary marketing program that’s proven to build brand awareness and unbeatable ROI while customers benefit from extremely discounted rates for high-quality products and services. To date, this formula, designed to be a win-win for all involved, has inspired a number of platforms that Dastmalchi, LLC either currently holds or has since successfully sold. These include Mi Abogado, Right Dental Group, chiroXchange, and HBL centers, which operate for attorneys, dentists, chiropractors, and spas.

As well, Dastmalchi, LLC currently owns and manages VitaGoods, DazzlePro and a few other brands that actively research, develop, manufacture and sell thousands of health and lifestyle products. From its face and body exfoliators to blood pressure monitors, digital body analyzer scales, and even a suite of new app-driven products that make monitoring and tracking patients’ health conditions easy and advanced, every Dastmalchi, LLC deliverable is, in fact, helping others, improving lives, and making a difference for the better.

Looking forward, Dastmalchi is dedicated to further cultivating a number of present Dastmalchi, LLC plans that include goals and strategies for sustainable products and services. Not simply “green” or earth-friendly, every one of these innovations comes with a blueprint based on the concepts of reusability, reliability, permanence, ingenuity, integrity, convenience, quality, and, importantly, unmatched value. And expect everything his company does to come backed not just by a guarantee but by the entire team of Dastmalchi, LLC professionals who’ve adopted a sense of ownership and pride in ensuring that all that they do does, in fact, succeed. No surprise, they’re consistently meeting if not exceeding their goals, methodically supported and empowered by Dastmalchi, who for some time now has tapped the power of the nationally acclaimed leadership and management system offered by MAP (Management Action Programs) and one of MAP’s top business coaches, Lee Froschheiser.

With this proven system firmly in place, the right people running it, and its highly capable, deeply driven leadership, Dastmalchi, LLC is forever differentiating itself in the marketplace and joyfully enjoying the fruits of its labor: healthy growth, robust profitability, and, above all, the intangible reward that comes from sincerely being of service to others.

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Alex Dastmalchi Dastmalchi, LLC, (949) 385-5050,

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